Free Comic Book Day

UPDATE May 7: You can still get these books from my store here.

Today Only: To celebrate Free Comic Book Day today, you can download 4 of my books for free!

Here's what's included:

Horde of Neurons: The First Synapse

A collection of my first web comic. 50 or so comics. 24 pages of tangential, non sequitur weirdness. This 2nd edition is bigger and includes a few brand new strips. 24 pages, color.

Time Sloth & Nun-Bot: Get a Job

A 24-Hour Comic. A time-traveling sloth and his best friend, a robot nun, get a job at Pizza Portal—the only restaurant in the universe that delivers via trans-dimensional portal, literally any time, any where. Things get hairy, and Time Sloth & Nun-Bot accidentally destroy the universe. Good times. 24 pages, black & white.

Simian Grocery Science

Three full-color stories in the first edition of the Novi-Yotta Press Anthology: A cyberpunk monkey hacker in the future with his robot banana try to stick it to the man. Henry the bag boy encounters another dimension inside a shopping bag. And mad scientist, Dr. West, hosts an advice show for the love-lorn, after the apocalypse. 18 pages, color.

Heavy Pizza Singularity

The first full-length episode of M0NK3Y McCoy & Cybernana - a simian cyborg hacker from the future and his best pal, a sentient banana. Giant robot fights, inter-dimensional portals, pizza and nefarious corporate plots... everthing a cyberpunk needs. 28 pages, color.

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