Art for (Hurricane) Harvey


Hurricane Harvey just clobbered Houston, Texas and the surrouding area. The rain and flooding are far from over, and people need our help.

Update May, 2018: Comissions for this project are now closed.

I am taking art commissions from anyone willing to donate at least $40 to one of the organizations below.

Donate to an organization working on relief for hurricane Harvey and I'll reward you with art. That's it.

Are you an artist? Join and donate your art too.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Make a donation to any of the organizations below.
  2. the receipt showing your completed donation and amount, along with your commission request. For example, send United Way $40 and ask me for a drawing of Spider-man. Donate $100 to the Houston Food Bank and ask me for a drawing of a a duck wrestling a horse (I may regret that later).
  3. I'll make your art and send it to you.
  4. Post it to your social media accounts with the hashtag #ArtForHarvey.

Relief Organizations & Charities

If you have suggestions for other groups to add to this list, please let me know.

Some Ground Rules

Lastly, since I’m just one guy without the ability to freeze time and I have to sleep at some point, there are some ground rules:

  • Please try to keep your request reasonable. If you donate the minimum $40 and ask for a full-color drawing of every Golden-Age Marvel character together at a cocktail party, I’m going to have to scale your request back a bit.
  • I work almost entirely digitally, so your art will be delivered as a high resolution, print-ready digital file (JPG). If you’d like something on paper from me instead, let me know and I’ll do my best to accommodate you. You’ll need to handle printing & shipping costs, but we can make it work.

Donate Your Own Art

Are you an artist? Photographer? Writer? I hope you'll join as well and take commissions for donations with #ArtForHarvey. Just link here or create your own page, share with the hashtag and spread the word. The intent here is to amplify the donation drive with a common hashtag, but if you'd prefer to do your own thing that's great too. Helping, and getting others to help is the real goal.

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