Inktober 2016

October has passed, and so has this year's Inktober. I wasn't able to do all 31 drawings for 31 days, but did get to do most of them, along with a couple of unfinished sketches. This year I tried to stick to a bit of a theme with all the drawings being the same size, in a square panel, and all taking place in the same loose sci-fi universe.

Here they are, in the order that they were posted on my Instagram and Twitter. The gray images are the unfinished and unposted drawings.

The crash-landing of Captain Whiskers.

Tapping the screen, he thought "if this station is out of raspberry gel tubes again, I swear I'll nuke the damn place from orbit."

"Pssst, hey buddy. You wanna buy some kung fu skills? How about calculus, or a foreign language? All on a thumbdrive, guaranteed to jack right into any standard brainport. Just ten bucks."

Lunchtime at the Gliese Hegemony.

"Woa lady, I don't even work here."

The Superlative Tribunal

Low gravity canyon jumping.


Sparring Practice

An homage to Josan Gonzalez and his rad Neuromancer cover art.

After so many iterations the clones were no longer pretty, but they still got the job done.

That's it! Looking forward to next year.

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